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News Letter

City of Parma capital of Culture and aspires to become capital City of Kindness.

The northern Italian city of Parma has been named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2020.

The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini announced on Friday May 3, 2019, that the panel of Jury set up by the Italian Government unanimously picked Parma City ahead of nine other Italian cities based on the kinder nature and good neighbourliness.

The news was received with great joy by the Mayor of Parma, Federico Pizzarotti. In his comment, he said that the selection of Parma City as the capita of culture by the panel of Jury will further engendered the promotion of Italian cultural heritage and tourism in the city.
While Emilia-Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini noted that the selection was a further recognition of the beauty, heritage, and excellence of the Land of Parma.

The world Kindness Movement in Italy located in Parma City has applied to the Movement to list Parma as city of Kindness in honor of  one of the doyen of World Kindness Movement, Giorgio Aiazza, The President of World Kindness Italy. Dr Giorgio Aiassa was elated by the quest to announce Parma as City of Kindness; he said “After so many years of strength collaboration between WKItaly and the city council of Parma for a kinder world we are very happy about this nomination.”